Annual license of our scripts!

WHMCS User and IP Control - Annual
$70.00 USD

This addon provides further security to your WHMCS installation by blocking IPs which regularly fail logins, allowing you to view client IP history, block activity from certain regions and more

WHMCS Notify Extended - Annual
$55.00 USD

Provide better notifications to your clients and staff, including SMS, Slack, Telegram, Pushover, Pushbullet, Ryver and Campfire

WHMCS Support Tickets Extended - Annual
$45.00 USD

Enhance your support ticket system by providing basic functionality not provided by WHMCS

Cron Notifications Extended - Annual
$25.00 USD

Keep an eye on your WHMCS cron jobs, make sure they're running as they should be, get notified if they aren't.

Email Validation Extended - Annual
$25.00 USD

Require clients to validate their email address before they do certain things in WHMCS.